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Lead Business for Business Leaders

Lead Business for Business Leaders

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Leadership Certification Course for Business Leaders by Mitesh Khatri.

Get instant access to Bundle of following Courses, which will turn you into a High Performing Leader.

What is Leadership? How to manage your Emotional Energy? Identify your Emotional Pattern? How to control your focus & meaning to manage your emotional energy? How to create anchor to create Emotions of our choice? How to be Emotional Intelligence? How to take 100% Responsibility when receiving Feedback? How to develop Entrepreneur Mindset (Keep your Word & Take Accountability)? How to Focus on A Common Goal? How to manage Conflicts & be Assertive? How to be smart in Business Communication? How to Prioritise & Manage Time effectively? How to efficiently transition Leadership Levels? How to manage Perceptions? How to Build Trust consciously? How to develop Networking Skills through 6 Human Needs? How to use different Leadership Styles to Assign Role based on Skill/Will? How to build relationships using Values? How to use FIRO-B for Expectation Management? How to Influence without Authority (Rapport Building Skills)? How to create Performance & Accountability Systems (Pain & Pleasure, Reward & Correction)? How to Give and Receive Feedback Effectively? How to create powerful Performance Review System? How to Make Decisions right? How to manage Change efficiently? How to Create a Business Vision? How to Create Business Values? How to apply 4DX for Project Management success? How to innovate on any topic in just few minutes? How to solve Problem Creatively? How to Create SOP based Excellence model in all business engines?


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