Product Description
  1. What is NLP? & What are Results can you create with NLP?
  2. The NLP Psychology Model – Understanding The Science of How Human Psychology Works
  3. Pre-suppositions of NLP – The Most Powerful Beliefs to All Extraordinary People
  4. Modalities of Emotions – Learn How to Control your Emotions in Minutes
  5. Sub-Modalities of Emotions – Learn How to Motivate or Demotivate yourself for Anything in just Minutes
  6. Phobia Cure – Learn How to Cure Phobia or any Negative Emotional Habit in just 10 Mins.
  7. Pattern Interruptions – Learn How to Stop any Unwanted Emotion or Break any Unwanted Habit in just Minutes
  8. Anchoring – Creating Any Powerful Emotion like Confidence by Choice
  9. Swish Pattern – Learn How to Develop Habits by Choice
  10. Rapport Building – Learn How to make someone Like you in just 10 Mins
  11. Hypnotic Language Pattern – Learn how to Influence People thru Hypnotic Conversations
  12. Perceptual Positions – How to Empathise with Anyone Instantly
  13. Timeline Technique – Removing the impact of Old Memories in Minutes
  14. Parts Integration – How to Integrate Multiple Personalities Within You
  15. NLP Applications – How to Apply NLP in all areas of your life

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